• Hi to all, I want to copy universe output in my console. I use Copy DMXuniverse 1 at DMX universe 7 and in my DMX sheet the fixtures I have in universe 1 are already copied to unverse 7, but all de DMX are at 0.

    I miss something to do?

    Thanks in advance

  • It is not possible to copy universes and to be honest it doesn't makes sense, because each universe is referenced to

    the patched fixture with unique IDs what you can't duplicate.

    The "move" universe function is more helpful, because you can selct move, tap universe 1 and then a free universe in the universe pool e.g. 8.

    Now all fixtures in universe 1 are automatically repatched to universe 8.

  • I'm telling this because the software allows it and the fixtures are copied, but not their outputs. If you can't do anything with that function it would be great that the software wouldn't allowed it and showed an error.

    If you want to do a split or copy of an DMX output in a non configurable Artnet node like the one I have, since for some reason you need that 2 or 3 outputs of that node are the same universe, for me it would be easier to come the X universe into the X universes of the universe pool rather than creating other artnet output lines and set the configuration you showed me.

    In any case, it might just be easier for me in my head.

    Thanks CaCo

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