Can't Stomp Phasers in Recipies

  • In my cue List i have some phasers running.

    They are all implemented via recipies.

    How do i stomp these phasers??

    Lets say phaser 18 is in the recipie preset group 22

    i tried:

    stomp phaser 22.18

    off phaser 22.18

    stomp preset 22.18

    off preset 22.18

    Stomp Cue X

    but it doesnt work, in the next cue the phaser is still running??

  • Looking again and trying different things i noticed something:

    I have a cue list and i'm using recipes, so all cues are "empty" - everything is enabled via recipes

    Cue 1 enables dimmer preset 100% for my group

    Cue 2 starts a phaser

    Cue 3 sets dimmer preset 50% for my group

    IF Cue 2 recipe starts a "modified phaser" preset, the phaser stops in Cue 3

    If Cue 2 recipe starts a "template phaser" preset, the phaser is still running in Cue 3

    So i think because in template phaser presets there is no group stored in the phaser, the phaser will not be overwritten with the dimmer preset of Cue 3.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • You would need to generally use a Group in your 'template phaser' for your cue. Otherwise how does the cue know what fixtures to use?

    So it might be that there is a 'bug' that lets the template phaser do something in Cue 2, because really it should do nothing unless a group is specified in the Recipe line is my thinking...

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