change output level

  • hello

    is there a way to take the output level up of a cue?

    after i build some qlist and run a show sometimes i need to thake all the level up . is there a way to do it on the fly

  • Assign the group to an executor 200 row to make a group master. Now go editsetting to the groupmaster and set mode to addivite. Moving the fader up will increase intensity.

  • Thank you for your comment.

    I would like that all the light in the cue will raise up ,not only a group .

    Can i make a group from the cue?

    And what i do in the next cue?

  • Maybe this one helps?

    SelFix Cue x

    Attribute "Dimmer" At Relative 10

    This would select all fixtures that are stored in your cue x and set their dimmers on the relative layer up by 10%. Negative values are also possible.

    Then store this into the cue again.

    When you want to increase the dimmer level of all fixtures that are outputting when the cue is running (because of tracking these fixtures may be not stored in your desired cue) I would recommend that you run the cue and then select the fixtures by executing IfOutput. Then you can change the dimmer value again.

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