Flashbutton on MIDI Button

  • Dear Community,

    I want to trigger a flashbutton for a sequence by a diy MIDI-controller.

    My problem is, when I pressed the button once, the flash "locks" and stays active. If I press the button again, nothing happens. If I press the flash for this sequence by the MA-Software or with the onPC command wing, it flashs until I release the button and stops normaly. MIDI goes over hairless-midiserial and loopMIDI, so it can't be a problem of my controller direcktly ... At the moment, I'm only capable to send controlChange actions and not NoteAtack, could this be the problem?

    I have the same problem, when I trigger the executer by alt + F1 by my diy controller, but not if I press alt + F1 on my laptops keyboard ...

    I'm using Version on Windows 11.

    I would be very happy if somebody could help me. At the moment, I solved this by a sequence with two steps, flash and after 0.15 s a release, but thats not good ...

    Gregor from Germany (ihr dürft also gerne auch auf deutsch antworten ;))

  • My MIDI controller is selfmade ...

    The buttons are configured to send a value of 127 when they get pressed and when I release, the controller sends a value of 0, so I think they are in flash mode.

    In MA, I set it up at the onPC settings and most things are working, only flash, temp and swap made the problem. The settings are visible on the images, the problem is button 6.

    I also tried another laptop, so it's not a problem of my laptop.

    Thanks for helping!


  • Actually, you can send and decode any MIDI commands, not just note on or note off, but also others like control change (CC).

    MA3 reads all MIDI messages, so there's no need for conversion or using loopMIDI.

    Some controllers only send:

    • note on 127
    • note off 0


    • note on 127
    • note on 0

    and that works as well.

    Maybe you have an issue where your controller is sending note off on a different channel than the one you have set, for example, channel 5?

  • Thanks for your help!

    try add fader master

    I will try this Monday.

    Actually, maybe you could move your DIY project to another model, like one that supports native USB, such as the Leonardo or Pro Micro?

    I'm using an Teensy 4.1, but I can't use native USB MIDI because I need the keyboard functionality ... I will try the hardware MIDI/DIN port to connect directly to the command wing. This way, I will see if hairless MIDI makes the problem.

    I need hairless MIDI to convert the serial output of my controller to MIDI, he doesn't send real MIDI via serial. I think, I need loopMIDI for opening an port to send to with hairless.

    Does it work when you try use an MIDI controller? So do only I have this problem?

  • I tried it again, but when I set it up like this, it's not a flash, it's only that I turn the master high and it overrites the other sequnces, that'a not usable. When I do not use the Master, I can flash but it stays active.

    This are my settings in hairless MIDI, is there anything, which could be the problem?

    In the last 2 lines in the screenshot, you can see first the pressing of the button, and in the second the values when I release.

    We will see what the test with the consol shows ...

    But: Flashing via shortcut is working now on my controller, I don't know why, but I'm happy! I didn't changed anything.

    Thisway, I can use my controller for the live show.

  • I tried it wit USB MIDI, so I'm running a completly other code on the microcontroller. This works fine with noteAttack (without setting the master).

    I found out that controlChange is the problem:

    Nr. 112 is working with USB MIDI, Nr. 113 is not working.

    I will implement NoteAttack to use over hairless MIDI and try this.

    This is the code I'm runnig:

  • The project was to build a controller, which can send both, MIDI and KEYBOARD. I can configurate this by an excel sheet for every object like buttons, encoders and faders.

    I can use this controller for many things like video cutting or MA-software because of it's flexibility. This way, I can program my shows comfortable at home with out having a real console. For small shows, I want to use it with a onPC node and the Software to control the lights.

    For this, I searched a way to trigger a flash.

    I didn't though about OSC before, but it seems a bit more complicate for programming my Teensy.

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