• Is it possible to activate attributes together by using encoder grouping? On gma1 and gma2 I have made my own groups to activate all color attributes at the same time when I only set one of the color attributes. This saves time and prevents problems because unused color attributes are automatically stored with a zero value in presets and cues. This is also good in combination of fixtures with two or more gobo wheels. How does the dot2 behave with that?

  • To my understanding, the dot2 have a fixed set of basic encoder-groupings. (e.g. pan&tilt, RGBWA etc)
    However as the dot2 have a virtualized interface as default, when you adjust color, the colorwheels will be activated (as open) along with you adjusted colormix.
    Only if you enter raw access of RGB, the colorwheels will not be activated.

  • Just downloaded the software and I really like it. Especially the possibility to change fade and delay by presettype directly in the sequence edit is great.
    But like I expected no encoder grouping for all color Attributes and even for gobos. What is the reason for not selecting Gobo 2 when you choose a Gobo on wheel 1? Both attributes affecting the same Presettype. It's the same function but on different wheels. Storing the unused Gobo automatically with a zero value would prevent unexpected tracking issues. Same for color. The colormixer channel does nothing different than selecting a color! Why does the console not automatically select every attributes that effects the same functions?

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  • The current storing functions allow for busking between executers. If you want to block the look completely use the Store Look (MA+Store) method.

    Have a play around, I think you should be able to get what you want to happen working.

    Glyn O'Donoghue
    MA Lighting Int.

  • Hi Go Button,
    it´s often a matter of taste - some users like to have the second gobo wheel stored in "open" when they select a Gobo on Gobowheel one, some absolute don´t.
    We had to find a way through.
    Please select a Gobo on wheel one and then tip the Gobo Preset category on the right Hand side of the right Screen twice - this will take all Features of the category Gobo into the programmer -
    I think that´s what you´re after.

  • Thanks for the replies.
    Store Look is not always the best choice as I don't wanna store everything in a sequence that should only contain some gobos. (I think we all know situations where we need to have a worklight sequence running all the time while programming and Store Look would store the worklights to every cue. Or suddenly during playback the fogmachine comes up as it was running while programming.)
    I'm sure it is not easy to fit all the operators whishes (impossible at all).
    I know I can toggle Presettypes by pressing the category on screen but this will also activate the the Position/Rotation attributes. I just like to have the possibility to automatically select all Gobo wheels and all color functions together.
    MA advertises the console as easy to learn for beginners or people with not much experience in programming and without confusing options.
    But exactly the lack of clever selecting combinations is causing more problems for beginners as they don't understand why the stored sequence is not looking like expected.
    I have taught many people gma1 and gma2 and tracking problems where the most mistakes.
    Please bring in an option to automatically select all colors and all gobos. This is easier for beginners and faster for (some) operators.

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