All encoders control like one

  • Hi

    I have a show file and in the middle of a gig all the encoders started to control as a one whole, if I grab a fixture and move the the Red value, all of the Color attributes move at the same time, (only on the same page)

    I have spent a lot of time in this show file and don’t really want to make a new one.

    does anyone know what may fix this?

    I have tried multiple computers (same result)

    All other show files work fine

    I have updated the software

    And did the clean start


  • Hi Dave,

    This sounds like you have changed the link values button from single to feature.

    The link value button can be found under the presettype bar, above the encoders, left from the Absolute button

    Kind regards,

    Mark van der Meulen

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