fixtures in selection grid with MAtricks.

  • Hello,

    In the screenshot you can see that i selected my 8 movingheads. I created a lay out in the selection grid with 4 fixtures on y1 and 4 on y2. I applied an Xblock of 2 in the MAtricks and hit next. In my selection grid the only selected fixtures i see are fixture 101 and 105. In my patch fixture 101 + 102 and 105 +106 are selected. Is there a way that i can see fixtures 105 and 106 also in my selection grid when using Blocks in MAtricks? I can't find it, also not in the manual.

    Thanks in advance!

  • The issue is the other 2 are ‘behind’ the two you can’t see as they are technically in the same place.
    you’d need to stake them in the Z axis and look at your grid in a 3D kind of perspective…

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