• Hi,

    I must be blind or looking in the incorrect location, I need a way for the phaser to fire for one cycle only.

    Similar to N-Shot in Hog4 or Single Shot mode in MA2.



  • Hi there!
    A couple of days ago I was looking exactly for the same thing.
    The only way I found was to create a cue with the effect I built, followed by a second cue with stomp. Had to find the correct time (the fx cycle time) to follow the cue.
    In my case I needed to create a theatrical lightning effect.
    it did work but it seemed to much trouble for such an easy task. Am I / are we missing something?

  • Hi, sorry for the delay of reply.

    The purpose for a single shot is for Even/Odd Fly Ins,

    Cue 1 is half the rig selected doing a single fly in,

    Cue 2 is the other half of the rig.

    (Speed is X2 or X4 scale of the speed master so that each fly in is exactly only half of the time between beats)

    This needs to be single shot so I can tap exactly on the beat, I have other Fly effects which are built into the file.

    Sure, I can build fly ins on the cues and parts of cues, but I still need to set the effect/ fly time from a tap tempo which this does not allow for, this is a busk file I am building and not for a particular timecoded song. So build theatre style cues isn’t really the ultimate solution.



  • You can do this in a cue stack, and get it to follow your tap tempo. I do this for my flyout in my buskfile. Set the rate scale of your exec for how many beats you want each fly.

    I set all cues to trigger time 0.5

    Set a rate master (this would be the bpm) to the exec

    And it will work like a one shot effect. You can also recipe it so you can play with selections of flyouts ;)

  • f(Hz)=1/T(s)

    1Hz=1/T -> T=1s which means the length of 1 period = 1 second at a speed of 1Hz(60bpm)

    2Hz=1/T -> T=0.5s at 120 bpm and so on

    so you could just create a cue, with a follow cue, that stomps the phaser after a delay of T...

    then it's a single shot!

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