How can the ignition of Lamps made easy?

  • This might be an easy to answer question for guys who worked a lot with older MA prdoucts as well.

    I tried to solve it myself, but I have no idea where to search for it:

    At my old desk, there was an inbulit "macro" where I can send the Lamp Start command to every lamp that is included in the current show file (some lamps need an ignition first to be started and there has to be a special channel constellation to get that function - e.g. Dimmer at zero, shutter closed and control channel at 128 for 5 Seconds or so). So the macro runs from lamp type to lamp type and ignites the discharging lamps of each fixture type that has one. That was often very helpful and worked really good for me.

    But how can I do it similar with MA(3)? Is there a special Channel-Function (based on the entries in the fixture-files) that can be called for each lamp easily and that has to be combined for all lamps in the show in a macro? Or is there a same "readymade" function included in MA that does that for me?

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  • hey, i save global control presets with the values for "LAMP ON", "LAMP OFF" for each fixture type.

    i select the desired fixtures, call the control preset and then i use the syntax "store default", which changes the default value inside the patch, so that when i clear my programmer, the "LAMP OFF"/"LAMP ON" value sticks to each fixture.

    you could build a macro which puts your fixture selection at the desired preset in the first step and switches the default value with the "store default" syntax in the 2nd step.

  • I also prefer that method when I am using dimmers as power switches for my intelligent lights. I just merge a 2nd patch break with channel sets 0=off 255=on /profile=switch to each fixture type, store those values as global presets and switch it on/off by simply changing its default value.

  • You could also build 2 sequences, one with ON and on with OFF power values, assign a switch path to each cue and fade time=zero. assign worlds which are defined by your favourite fixture selections to that sequences and switch your fixtures/lamp ON/OFF that way. you should not forget to park these sequences or give them

    high priority.

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