Crash when saving or updating cue

  • Hello, everytime I try to save a new cue or update an existing cue… It crashes.. Tried updating to the latest and same issue. Was working just fine a couple weeks ago with no issues. Running Windows 10

  • Can you please make sure you're running onPC as a windows administrator?

    1. Close onPC
    2. Right-click on the desktop icon
    3. Go to Properties
    4. Go to the Compatibility tab
    5. Enable the checkbox near the bottom for "Run this program as a Windows administrator"
    6. Ok + Apply
    7. Reopen onPC

    Also, just do double-check, when you say "tried updating to the latest", you're now running v1.6.3.5, correct?

    If you load one of the demo show files, are you able to save / update cues in there? If so, can you please send your show file to your local distributor for them to do further investigation?

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