MAtricks' Phase From X / Phase To X is not equivalent to setting Phase to "... Thru ..."

  • Hello,

    The MAtricks Phase From X / Phase To X is a bit weird to me.

    Suppose I have a group of two fixtures and a simple phaser with two steps (dimmer = 100, dimmer = 0). By default, the phaser is running in a synchronized way on the two fixtures, and if I want the phaser to "alternate" between the first and the second fixture, I have to change the phase.

    If I go to the programmer and set the dimmer's phase to "0 Thru 360", it gives me what I want. However, if I go to MAtricks and set "Phase From X = 0", "Phase To X = 360", the two fixtures are synchronized.

    I have to set "Phase To X = 180" to get the desired effect.

    Is this kind of behavior expected? I personally think it lacks a bit of consistency, on big groups it might not be a problem that the first and last fixture have the same phase, but on small groups it means that we have to set Phase To = 360*(n-1)/n where n is the group size, which is not very convenient.

    I have attached a simple showfile to test the behavior I am talking about.

    I am using GrandMA3 onPC on Windows 10.

    Thank you!

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  • I have asked the same question a while ago, yes the calculation of the phase is different when setting in MAtricks or encoder bar.

    For now this the expected behaviour but I hope MA will change it because the inconsistency is not very convenient.

    Phaser + MATricks not working as expected

    Here is a reply in the thread explaining the current behaviour:


    Hey hannie,

    the difference here is that in the MAtricks window 0 thru 360 is really 0 thru 360 - so the first and the last fixture will do exactly the same.

    Setting the phase in the encoder bar takes your number of fixtures and recalculates the phase, so that all fixtures do something different.

    But as mentioned this behaviour most presumably will change again.

    Hope that makes sense....

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