MAtricks' Phase From X / Phase To X is not equivalent to setting Phase to "... Thru ..."

  • Hello,

    The MAtricks Phase From X / Phase To X is a bit weird to me.

    Suppose I have a group of two fixtures and a simple phaser with two steps (dimmer = 100, dimmer = 0). By default, the phaser is running in a synchronized way on the two fixtures, and if I want the phaser to "alternate" between the first and the second fixture, I have to change the phase.

    If I go to the programmer and set the dimmer's phase to "0 Thru 360", it gives me what I want. However, if I go to MAtricks and set "Phase From X = 0", "Phase To X = 360", the two fixtures are synchronized.

    I have to set "Phase To X = 180" to get the desired effect.

    Is this kind of behavior expected? I personally think it lacks a bit of consistency, on big groups it might not be a problem that the first and last fixture have the same phase, but on small groups it means that we have to set Phase To = 360*(n-1)/n where n is the group size, which is not very convenient.

    I have attached a simple showfile to test the behavior I am talking about.

    I am using GrandMA3 onPC on Windows 10.

    Thank you!

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  • I have asked the same question a while ago, yes the calculation of the phase is different when setting in MAtricks or encoder bar.

    For now this the expected behaviour but I hope MA will change it because the inconsistency is not very convenient.

    Phaser + MATricks not working as expected

    Here is a reply in the thread explaining the current behaviour:

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