BUG?! Executor Assign Page

  • 1. bug: I have occupied the row 200 at the Executor. Then I add in row 300 for the encoder at LeftCmd "load previous" and "load next" at RightCmd. So far so good that works.

    If I now want to fill row 400, the loadinfos of row 300 are automatically deleted and I have to enter them again. This is working, but the deletion should not happen.

    2. another bug is that I can not occupy row 100, if I have first occupied row 200.

    3. maybe not a bug, but I would like to know how I can delete entries from row 300/400 again, so that the knobs and buttons are no longer lighted. I would like to be able to continue using row 200 without having to delete everything.

  • For your first issue:

    Did you save the changed executor configuration? If not, the selected default configuration will be applied to the executor again when changing the size of an executor.

    2. So your executor starts at the 200 row? Then the behavior is intended, as the executors can only get bigger to the top and to the right.

    3. Tapping the row buttons on the left edge of the assign menu changes the size of the executor. When you tap the 200 row again, while the executor starts in the 200 row and has now a size of 2 or 3 rows height, the executor will become smaller again.

  • 1. i have not saved the executor configuration in between. While I am in the view, I would actually expect that my entries are not deleted again.

    2. ok I understand, but still I don't understand the reason why I can't add Row 100 afterwards.

    3. all right, then I know now how to delete it again. But I would expect from the UX that the areas are toggleable.

  • Regarding #2: Executors are "anchored" from the lower left corner. This means you can only expand up or to the right. If you want to also include an executor that is below or to the right, you have to first move the executor down or to the right and then expand up/left again.

    Regarding #3: If each row or column is toggleable individually, how should the software react if you toggle ON columns 1 thru 4, then toggle OFF column 2? Does that leave you with only column 1? Or does it shift columns 3 and 4 over by one? Or something else?

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