MA3 Phaser Troubleshooting

  • Hi! I'm a new MA3 user, and every time I try to make a multistep phaser, it does not program in the accelerate and decelerate values. Could this be something to do with the stomp function? If so, how can it be fixed?

    Just recently updated to

  • Do you mean the Accel and Decel values don't get stored? Are you looking at the correct step. Speed and Phase values refer to all steps while Accel, Decel, Transition and Width are all stored per step.

    So if you did something like this it might look like the values did not get stored.

    Select Attribute Dimmer just to make sure we are looking dimmer

    Fixture 1 at 0

    Next Step

    At 100

    Accel 100

    Store Preset 1.1


    Fixture 1 at preset 1.1

    The trick here, and it's not 100% obvious, is that in the programmer at the top right you are looking at step 1, but you in this case we stored the Accel data in step 2.

    Changing to step 2 shows the Accel Data.

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