Creatig a Phaser with preset colors

  • Hello Folks,

    I am trying to create a simple phaser just with colors from the color preset pool. When going to step 2 and selecting a color from the color preset pool, universal, global or selective, no step is created and no phaser is startet. Single Step is off. This behaviour applies to all preset pools.

    Am I missing something?

    Hoping for a awnser, thanks a lot! :)

    Glück Auf!


  • Hey Paul,

    in order to create Phasers from Presets, you need to use the Integrate function.

    Select your Fixtures, enter Integrate (MA + At) an select the Preset, add a step and integrate another Preset. Now the Presets are referenced in the Phaser.

    Best regards


  • Ahhh, Yeah! I rember using the Integrate Function some time ago... Thanks a lot.

    Is there a technical reason behind this? Because it is relatively unintuitive to have to use the integate function.


  • Yes, every Preset is already a Phaser, even if it only has one Step. By using Integrate, you tell the console to integrate the Preset into an existing Phaser instead of taking the new Preset as a new Phaser.

    Best regards