• How have you made the phaser?
    Do you have dimmer attribute selected in the phaser editor?

    Assuming you have a 2 step dimmer phaser just select the step you want the ‘size’ changed for and adjust the absolute or relative value as appropriate

  • I have a multistep (15steps) dimmer phaser to create a random „Fire“ effect. I have multiple high and low values. So what I’m looking for is to adjust the size of all steps at once relatively to it’s middle point. Like in ma2 with low and high value.

  • Well yes and no. In MA2 you could not do this because you effectively only had '2 steps' a high and a low.
    So what you wish to do in MA3 is not simply the same thing as what you did in MA2, only the result is the same.

    How I would do this is all of my 15 steps would be using the relative values only. Then I would adjust my single Absolute Value up or down to vary the result across all 15 steps.

    If you want to be able to adjust all the way to zero intensity then then make all your relative steps negative values.
    If you want to be able to adjust all the way to full intensity then make all of your relative steps positive values.

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