Executor button wings

  • I currently own two MA3 consoles (Full-size and Compact XT) and I have them networked together (one at Front of House and one backstage). On my full-size I use all 30 colummns of executor buttons (101-130, 201-230, 302-330 and 401-430). I cannot for the life of me figure out how to access executor columns 16-30 on my Compact XT someplace other than in the Playback controls window. Am I missing something? Is there not a way to choose which wing I want associated with the executor buttons on the Compact XT?

  • How did you achieve this in MA2?

    You could fix a macro on each of the 1-15 and 16-30 bank that changes the wing ID. Then you’d have a 1 button press to jump back and forth.

  • What answer do you need?

    Does a Macro not work for you?

    Since there is literally no physical way of viewing executor buttons that are greater than 15 (116-190, 216-290, etc...) other than using the Playback Window, i'm not sure you can create a macro that does this. In my opinion this is a basic function the console should be able to perform and not sure why it's not on option.

  • You’ll see I have made another thread about this.
    I can see your predicament, which we can change the faders, we can’t change the playback bar display/it doesn’t change automatically. I feel this is a bug.