• Hello everyone,

    I'm new here so sorry if the topic already exists!

    I have a colour picker on my layout view and my plan is to have following fader:

    if the fader is down (or up doesn't matter) the selected color should go to output immediately. But if the fader is on the other side (up or down) the selected colors should wait until I move the fader down (or up) and at this moment the fader should be a fade time fader

    I hope I explained it good enough, so you will understand my plan.

    Looking forward to your answers!

  • Hello Jakob,

    you can use a ratemaster for multiplies your fadetime:

    - give your cues in the sequences the fadetime you want to have, if the fader is in the middle e.g. 1 s
    - assign a ratemaster to all these sequences, now:

    - if the fader is down the sequence stops, fadetime is infinite
    - if the fader is in the middle the sequence fades, your fadetime is what you set before
    (to put the fader in the middle you can use the RATE1 Button)
    - if the fader is up the sequence snaps, fadetime is zero

    Note that fade time decreases exponentially not the 0s to 10s thing you might be used to...

    Have fun

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