Pan Tilt Size controller

  • Hello.

    Sorry for bringing up an old subject again, but these threads did not solve my issue.

    I am not succeeding making a working Pan Tilt Controller.

    This is what I have done:

    1. A ABS Preset (or in the programmer) on Master 1.

    2 A REL Circel Phaser on Master 2. LTP priority (the phaser could also been activated in the programmer).

    As far as this goes. Everything works as expected. Even if I change programmer value on ABS P/T Position. the REL Circle effect works in relation to the ABS P/T Values in the programmer.

    3. Now. I want to kick in the controller.

    A REL STOMP (or zero) value recorded on TEMP master 3. Assigned to SUPER or HIGHEST Priority.

    Ok. This does not work.

    Expected result: The on going phaser should DECREASE in relation to the ABS value from the programmer.

    Ex: ABS programmer Value: -50. "Controller" should end on that -50 value.

    Result I get: My Master 3 act like a ABS value. It DECREASE the phaser perfectly , but it end on that ABS value (zero).

    It doesn't work in relation to the actual value in the programmer.

    Is there something in MA3 concept that I do not understand?

    Thanks in advance


  • A REL STOMP (or zero) value recorded

    Be aware that a stomp is not neccesarily a zero value, nor only relative.

    Stomp is applying last used static (singlestep) values, absolute and relative


    to properly create your "Master 3" for the expected result, try this:

    1. Make sure that you are not outputting anything at all, so you only activate the Relative layer when applying zero relative values.


    Off Seq Thru


    Fixture x Thru y

    Attribute Pan + Tilt At Relative 0

    Store Executor 203


    2. Set faderfunction to Temp, - and disable OffWhenOverridden, to prevent self-termination

    3. Disable OffWhenOverridden on your "Master 2", to make it persist when overridden by your "Master 3"

  • Quote

    2. Set faderfunction to Temp, - and disable OffWhenOverridden, to prevent self-termination

    3. Disable OffWhenOverridden on your "Master 2", to make it persist when overridden by your "Master 3"

    Thank you.

    This actually solved most of the problem.

    I am not sure if i disabled this function i ma2 or not. Maybe this was not a issue because of another type of effect / executor / preset - hierarki.

    Some issues remains though. I will try to explain below.

    1 If I stick to executors only and do exactly as you descibed. The PAN / TILT works as expected.

    2. If i combine Executors with a earler recorded preset (position).

    Overideing the executor (LTP) and also overiding the preset. Back and forth. This works fine aswell.

    3. But here comes the issue.

    - 1 clicking on the very same circle phaser(universal) as i recorded on "MASTER 1",

    -2 rolling the position encoder

    - 3 raising the "MASTER 3" to decrease the movement. ( here comes the issue)

    Expected result: Decreasing the P/T from Master 3.

    Result i get: TILT stops but not PAN and the PAN - size-result is not realistic.

    Expected result: A Rolled Value from the encoder should NOT effect the Master 3 but it does.

    Are there any thoughts out there?



  • rolling the position encoder

    With the current version I would recommend to restrict your phaser busking to sequences/executors and presets, to predictably preserve your intended structure and seperation of absolute and relative, singlestep and multistep values.

    Sequences/executors and presets has a determined content in terms of layers and steps, while the action of turning encoders or otherwise applying hardvalues, possibly will activate unwanted layers and insert additional steps, depending on current content of active playbacks and status of the programmer.

  • Is this something that will be updated in future versions?

    I am used to how it was in MA2 system and there were never a problem using LTP on a executor and roll with the encoder.

    And then, back and forth. It worked smoothly.

    My busking-technic is quite based on this possibility.

    Thanks in advance


  • Can you describe this workflow of “rolling the encoder” more?

    We may have a language barrier issue here but what are you ‘rolling?’ And why?

    On MA2 how did you use the live encoders here?

    If all of your ‘effects’ action is kept in the relative layer and your base positions in the absolute layer you should be able to achieve what you’re describing… but I think you are maybe mixing the two?

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