grandMA3 onPC Software - Compatibility to Windows11 and macOS Monterey

  • UPDATE: With the bugfix release version the grandMA3 onPC software supports macOS Monterey now! We also did not find issues running onPC on Windows11!

    Hey folks,

    we got some requests in the last couple of days regarding the compatibility of grandMA3 onPC software to Windows11 and macOS Monterey.

    At the moment we have to say: the grandMA3 onPC software is NOT compatible with these operating systems.

    Let me just shortly explain why. The current grandMA3 onPC software version 1.6 was released by end of September. So it is a bit older than the mentioned operating system versions. That means we need some time and a new release to test this and make smaller adjustments if needed. We are working on that to get it done in the next major release. So please stay tuned, we will keep you posted! :)

  • It's certainly understandable why neither of those OS's can be considered officially compatible.

    In my experience, it seems to be working on Windows 11, though I've not done any testing that would be considered thorough, and have only tried it on 2 standalone PCs without any sort of output or hardware attached.

    MacOS Monterey, on the other hand, does not start at all beyond the little launcher window, so I'd say that version is not functional.

    Looking forward to the next version, and beyond.

  • Grandma3 1.6.3 still doesn't work with MacOs Monterey.

    When can we expect this major problem to improve?

    It will honestly probably be a while they are waiting for another BIG update i think to really try to minimize the issues that will arise. I only advise is to reinstall the prior version before Monterey and just wait it out with us. I have both mac and pc and run ONPC and Im not updating everything till i get the good to go from MA themselves. even then though Im creating a thorough backup of everything on all my devices just incase I need to go back.

    Also 1.6.5 is out with bug fixes and id recommend updating it.

  • I understand that the current priority to them is to improve and make the 3 software itself better, but its still somewhat frustrating that these new os updates have been announced for quite a while and they did nothing to really prepare for this knowing most people will update to them.

  • Hi all

    To my understanding the onPC version for Mac, did not work in a network session with a console.

    Is this still the case?

    I am running Apple M1 macOS Monterey 12.5.1, and trying to connect with a Grand MA3 Light. However I can see the console at the network, but am not able to join the session.

    Do you have any suggestions to solve this?

    Best from Mathias


    Lighting designer

    Grand MA3 Operator

    Grand MA2 Operator

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