Sequence Fade Time Edit with a Macro

  • Hello Everyone,

    i want to edit the fade time of a Sequence with a macro

    i test it with some commands:

    Set page 9998.301.1 Property "Fade" 20

    Set page 9998.301.1 Property "Fade" "20"

    Set Sequ 1302 Property "Fade" 20

    Set Sequ 1302 Property "Fade" "20"

    and i get all time Illegal object as error message

  • I use [sequence x cuefade x] which works great and also sets the offcue time.

    However this stops working once the sequence is on/active. The command then only sets the time of the cue that is active.

    The following command works, however it does not set the offcue time

    [sequence x cue 1 thru cuefade x]

    Is there any other command that sets the the fade time of all cues while active, along with the offcue fade time? Alternatively is there a separate command which individually sets the offcue fade time?

    I have tried many options trying to target the offcue itself, but I have found no solutions so far.

    Any ideas?

  • FYI Do not try the following command, the software really shits the bed, seems to go into a loop and lock up, force shutdown is the only way to resolve it.

    just a bug for the devs to see

    [sequence x cue 1 thru "offcue" cuefade x]

  • However this stops working once the sequence is on/active

    This is intensional, when not specifying a cue, the actice cue (if there is one) will be the target for cueproperties

    to specify any Cue, use the wildcard/asterisk (*)


    Sequence 1 Cue * Cuefade 2

    when trying to address the offcue only, remember to include the actual cue keyword


    Sequence 1 Cue "OffCue" Cuefade 2

  • Hi Andreas, thanks for that. Its great to see the asterisk command also targets the zerocue and offcue.

    I think the syntax which allows for targeting of the active cue is an extremely good idea, It will become very useful for other applications.

    I know everyone probably flat out on improving the software, but little more detail of the syntax in the manual for not just this topic but most topics would be ideal.