store syntax/store keyword

  • hey folks,

    in grandma2 i store my data in that way:

    1. colors=global in the preset pool color

    2. positions(position+gobo+focus+beam+shapers)=selective in the all preset pool using a filter to exclude dimmer+color which i call: store_ml

    therefore i use 2 macros:

    1. for colors:

    -on presettype 4

    -store/ so=prog /g /m /use=activeforselected@

    2. for positions(position+gobo+focus+beam+shapers )

    -on presettype 2+3+5+6+8

    -store if filter store_ml endIf /s /m /use=activeforselected@

    my question is, what is the syntax therefore in grandma3? i can't find it in the manual. and i really need that kind of syntax because i don't have the time to hold down the store button and change these settings all the time. i also miss the tracking shield option, because it comes extremely handy if you change lots of data in a sequence consisting of hundreds of cues.

    thanks in advance!

  • "FeatureGroup" instead of "PresetType"

    There aren't currently any source options besides programmer, so "/so=prog" is unnecessary anyway

    "/activeforselected" is the keyword

    Instead of the '@' symbol, toggle the "Execute" cell for that macro line to No

    Also, you could use one of your All Preset pools for your "positions" presets, and change the Filter for that pool to be your "store_ml" filter

  • hey ryan, i tried it but somehow it does not work.

    macroline 1: on featuregroup 1 thru 8

    macroline 2: store/activeforselected (execute=no)

    CLI for the macro is ON. I also tried to switch CLI to OFF...

    in the command line feedback macroline 1 works fine, then the store/activeforselected syntax gets written into my cmd line, but as i klick on an empty preset slot to store my data there the commandline feedback says:

    illegal object:Fixture ''store/activeforselected'' preset X.Y

    any suggestions? what am i doing wrong?

    thanks in advance!

  • Yes, I faced similar kind of issue, I am still searching for some proper solution.

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