MAtricks: Take/Copy selection?

  • Hi.

    I want to store groups using MAtricks, but it is not "taking my selection".

    1. Selecting a group containing 30 fixtures (FixID #201->#230)

    2. Applying MAtricks XGroup of 3. This gives me 3 groups of 10 fixtures.

    3. I store them as Group 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3.

    4. If I select Group 1/3 and next through it, it should be fixture #201, #204, #207 etc, but instead it's #201, #202, #203, #204 etc.

    The Selection Grid in the group of 30 shows all the fixtures across the X-axis, but Group 1/3 shows #201, Group 2/3 shows #202, and Group 3/3 shows #203.

    The 1-2-3/3 groups shows the correct selection in the Fixture window.

    In MA2, I would do this by using interleave 1 of 3 and then store my groups.


    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • the MA3tricks equivalent to MA2tricks "Interleave", is "XWidth", not "XGroup"


    Interleave = 3

    ->wrap selection to new row every third fixture

    Next = Next x (subselect next column)

    MA&Next = Next y (subselect next row)


    XWidth = 3

    ->wrap selection to new row every third fixture

    Next = Next x (subselect next column)

    Set&Next = Next y (subselect next row)

    so far this is equivalent...

    However, as MA3 stores and recalls these gridpositions in the groups, using this workflow to build new groups would result in the selection being in the vertical grid-axis on MA3, but not on MA2, which doesn't support grid-positions in groups.

    The plugin found in this thread could be helpful when the selection-grid doesn't automatically populate the way you expect/want/need:

    Working with the Selection Grid

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