Importing fixture profiles

  • Hello! I am using a grandma3 onpc command wing. I work with movie lights so the built in fixture library is missing a lot of fixtures for me. The fixture library website has most if not all the fixtures and profiles I want on the grandma2 side that have to be converted, but it's my understanding that I can't convert with the onpc command wing. Are there any suggestions?

    Oh it's also not in the GDTF library as well

  • Hi Rmorr44,

    in the patch you will find the fully converted grandMA2 fixture library as well. So maybe you can find the fixture types here.

    However if you want to convert fixture types from grandMA2 there is a possibility. In grandMA2 import all the fixture types you want to have. In the backup menu you can find a button which says Export Patch to grandMA3.... this will convert the patch including the fixture types to grandMA3. Please take care that you use the correct software versions.

    So if you work with grandMA3 v1.6.1.3 it would be grandMA2 v3.9.60.27....

    Hope that helps :)

  • It’s not available in any of the tabs, but I do see it online in the fixture library that requires it to be downloaded online. I’m on a command wing xt so I thought I can’t run gma2 so I can’t even do the conversion right?

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