Nodes the only way to get to more universes?

  • Hello, simple question here, but are nodes the only way to physically get more dmx outputs to get more universes? I'm working on a stage with multiple universes and wondering if each universe needs its own DMX port.

  • Hi Rmorr44,

    in general with grandMA3 you have all DMX universes available (1024). So you can use your available parameters on all these universes. Then you have two possibilities to send out DMX universes:

    - The DMX ports on the consoles or Nodes

    - Ethernet via network protocols

    At the end in most of the cases you will have to convert Ethernet to DMX because this is what the fixtures "understand". Of course there are some fixtures which can be controlled by e.g. Art-Net directly, but the DMX line is the common connection. And no, it is not possible to send more universes on one DMX port - that is one of the reasons why there are network protocols which can handle this.

    So for your stage it is maybe the best solution to send DMX via Ethernet to nodes on stage and the nodes set the Ethernet data to DMX lines. I hope that helps :)