No network Connection of 2k Node after Update to 1.6

  • Hello,

    i am having Trouble with my 2k Node after i updated it to Software Version 1.6 via the onPC Software.

    I did not change any Hardware or cables. But after the Update the Node can no longer be found by the grandMA3 onPC software. Also the little Network Indicator on the top right of the Screen of the node is red. I already changed the IP and all values i could find but without any success.

    Is it possible that the Update went wrong? Or could this be a Problem with my network? Or did i just miss a button somewhere?



  • I found out how to get it working again. I do not exactly know what the Problem was.

    - Updated the Node again directly via Stick at the USB Port

    - Configured the Network again (DHCP and alternative IP including correct Subnet)

    - Went to the Network Setting of the onPC

    - Disabled all Filters (Button on the top right Corner)

    - Found the Node and could connect to it.

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