[BUG Report] GrandMA3 onPC 1.6

  • Hi,

    I've found a what appears to be a bug in the version 1.6 :

    On any group of fixtures I create a first step with dimmer relative at 0 and width at 25 (or whatever, look like the problem is here), second step with dimmer relative at 100.
    Then I set a MAtricks on just 2 XWings, I then apply a phaser of '0 thru 360 thru 0' on my steps.
    When I store this fx as a preset everything is working fine when I call it. But when I store this (from the preset or directly from the programmer) as a cue in a sequence, the sequence play for a short time and then stop.

    You can easily replicate this on a blank show and see by yourself.



  • Seems to work for me, though I may have misunderstood the steps.

    Could it be relative values causing the executor to Off when Overridden?

    Kind of like this (remove the .txt) Phaser.show.txt.

    When Exec.301 is running the phaser and Exec.304 is toggled the phaser keeps running.

    If Exec.305 is toggled Exec.301 offs due to OwO.

    Doing the same thing with Exec.302 instead of 301 the phaser keeps running.

    Or perhaps I misunderstood.

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