Issue with effect cue

  • Hello forum,

    I am creating some color effect cues but I am running into a problem with "Off when overriden" option.

    The strange thing is that it sometimes gets activated and sometimes not which makes it confusing to get into the right direction.

    To demontrate the problem I have created a simplified showfile with only 1 fixture.

    Exectuor 201: Dimmer at full

    Exectuor 202: Color red

    Executor 206: Sinus phaser : step 1 color blue, step 2 release

    Executor 207: Square phaser: step 1 color blue, step 2 release

    First activate executor 201 and 202 to make the fixture output red color.

    When activating executor 206 the color fades from blue to red

    When activating executor 207 which is the exact phaser steps but only the form is different, executor 202 stops.

    I know that I can fix it by turning off "Off when overriden" option in sequence options of executor 202.

    But I don't want it because I am using MA_Startshow and that would break the active icon indicators.

    Is it possible to create a effect cue which does not stops the base cue?

    I hope anyone has a thought on this, I could change all my colors sequences to be wrapped in macros and do all the active color icon manually but I hope there is a better solution.

    In the attachments I have added the showfile.

    Thanks you.

  • Currently the easiest solution for "selective" OffWhenOverridden or to make an OWO-enabled playback persist even when releasing all the values, is to patch some extra dimmer channels as dummies, and add to the playbacks.


    Some execs should OWO each other (typically as a base colors)

    Other execs should OWO each other (typically as an overlay FX-color, with release steps)


    Enable OWO on all playbacks

    Set base-color playbacks to LowPri to be able to change base while FX is running

    Add dummychannel 1 to all base-color playbacks, to prevent OWO from FX playbacks

    Add dummychannel 2 to all FX-color playbacks, to prevent OWO from self-release

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