Controlling Executor Master Fader from Macros

  • While trying to write a show start macro for a production today, I hit a very unexpected snag: It seems to be impossible to set the fader value of an executor master fader from the command line like it was possible in MA2.

    Executor XXX At 100 just fails silently.

    Am I just missing something obvious here? We tried every combination imaginable of Set commands and executor pages and everything else we could think of, but none of us managed to get a fader to move.

    In this particular case we wanted to change group masters to their max value, so if anyone has an idea on how to accomplish that, I'd be grateful.

  • Hi Ryan, thank you so much for your response. As expected, it works now :).

    Also, apologies for making you paste a link to an answer to my exact problem, I'd googled it extensively and just assumed I wouldn't find anything here either...