OnScreen Encoder Usage for 16Bit Channels

  • Hi,

    has anyone an idea how I can use the Fine or ultrafine Channels with the onScreen Encoders when I don't have a Console or a Command Wing at my hands?

    I tried to set the readout to Dec16 etc, but the Pan and Tilt of my Fixtures still "run" very fast and it seems impossible to give them an exact position without real encoders.

    But did I miss something? Is there a way to have better controlling of the fine channels - which is mostly the outer Wing of the Hardware Encoders?

    So my idea is, to build up a "smaller" System with just a FaderWing and a TouchscreenPC that can be connected in bigger shows to my Command Wing to have 20 PB-Faders (and the Buttons and Knobs) then instead of 10.

    But when the "small System" is not having a real usability due to the missing onscreen encoder function, then it doesn't make sense to build up such a system...:rolleyes:

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • This is kind of a workaround in 1.5:

    • on a second display bring up the command section menu
    • Click and swipe off of one of the MA buttons so it has a Yellow Icon, now the MA button is pressed you can change the Encoders Resolution.

    the reason you need to open the command section on a different display is because it will unpress as soon a you close the command section.

    Additionally in the you could also change the Encoder Resolution in the User > Profile > Edit Encoder Bar to <Default> then change the Fixture profiles to the resolution you like.

    Not ideal but a workaround, but it works.

  • The encoder-resolutions "Coarse" and "Fine" are independent of the Readout

    Try selecting the encoder-resolution "Increment" if you want the resolution to depend on the readout.


    If you don't have hardware with MA-key, nor a keyboard with a Shift key (with shortcuts enabled, F10), to get quick access to the resolution-settings, you could make macros with something like this:

    Edit UserProfile 1.UserAttributePreferences.Pan + Tilt Property EncoderResolution

  • Oh, thanks a lot Andreas !

    I think this would really help and I'll try out if that would be a Solution for a "small desk". :)

    ...and now You're making me hungry about writing a good macro: When I run your Macro then a Window opens and let me choose the resolution for my Pan and Tilt encoders. That's very good! But is there a way to preselect the resolution to? So that I have one Macro for Coarse and one for Fine Resolution? I tried with "3" or just 3 at the end, but that didn't work...

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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  • Use the Set keyword instead of Edit.

    Additionally quote all names, to make the macro more future proof

    (in case any of the used names later gets implemented as a keyword and no longer is quotes automatically)

    Set UserProfile 1."UserAttributePreferences"."Pan" + "Tilt" Property "EncoderResolution" "Coarse"

    Set UserProfile 1."UserAttributePreferences"."Pan" + "Tilt" Property "EncoderResolution" "Fine"

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