Capture 2021 with MA3 onPC

  • The grandMA will not output DMX without an MA3 output node or processor on the network. You can use MA-3D because they communicate in MA-NET speak. I don't think there are built in allowances for other visualisers.

  • Oh, the VizKey, is an USB Box which should be plugged in to USB 3 port (otherwise (USB 2) it didn't work in the past) and is really there to feel like you are having rather unlimited Parameters when connected to one of the famous visualizers like Capture or Wysiwyg.

    And in Addition you get some real 512 Parameters to be outputted. So this is now the cheapest way to get some Data out of MA3.

    I think it costs about 650 Euro regular pricing. But you need an ArtNetNode or similar too, because the VizKey has no output itself. It has only the USB Connection to a PC.

    Oh, I already have one, but I didn't need it so far because I still have no Vis (Capture) available. So if someone wants to test it, write me a message. Im based in northern Germany.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)