WindowScrollPositions "ScrollV' via cmdline

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone know if WindowScrollPositions is accessible via cmd line, for it wont list the properties of it.

    The full path is Admin@ShowData/UserProfiles/Default/Views/View Name/WindowPresetPool/WindowScrollPositions>

    I'm trying to access the "ScrollV' property.


  • be aware that the destination iisted above will give access to the CHILDREN of that destination, not to the properties of that destination

    if you want by commandline to set its properties you need to navigate up one level,

    then set the properties of that desired child element.

    as the children of this parent are of different class, you will not see any properties of each child if you try to list them simultaneously:

    CD ..


    -> no properties listed, as child 1, 2 and 3 are of different class and have different properties

    List 1

    List 2

    List 3

    -> properties of each object is listed


    assuming you have gone one level up from the destination in your post as in my previous examples:

    CD ..

    then regular cmdline Set syntax should do the job:

    Set "WindowScrollPositions" Property "SCROLLV" "90,90"

    -> vertical scroll is offset'ed 90 slots, to display window from item 91 instead of from item 1

  • Great thank you for explaining the children structure of the destination, I have this working with CD @ in the cmdline.

    I'm trying to change the CD within a macro but its failing to change destination, I would imagine my format is incorrect (example):

    CD "Admin@ShowData/UserProfiles/Default/Views/ViewName/WindowPresetPool"

    Thank you for your help

  • It's CD "ShowData"."UserProfiles"."Default" etcetera

    You need the quotes around the paths if they contain a keyword or space like Default".

    Currently you can also be it by number

    CD 13.18.1

    Would take you to the same path.

  • Just checking if you got this working in the end as I had to build Macros to do just this last night. It’s awesome to have this feature!

    Bonus points if anyone knows what it’s 90,90 to offset the slots rather than just 90?

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