HTP sequence bug

  • In Htp sequence (tracking mode) with many parameters. When you create a new cue, go to the new cue, completly clear the programmer and skip back to the previous cue the output is corrupted. It tracks back dimmers value from the new cue!!!


    I have my cue 29 in my HTP sequence

    Now I light up and edit some fixtures

    and STORE cue 30

    goto cue 30

    clear clear

    if I skip back ( or GOTO) cue29,

    dimmer values, for fixtures edited when creating cue 30, are corrupted (in cue 29 they should be at 0).

    If I switch Off the sequence and reload cue 29, now I have the right output for cue 29.

    Only HTP playback priority has this problem, others work normally.