osc bi-directional executor communication

  • Hello folks,

    I just started tooling around with OSC to control playbacks (executors) via TouchOSC. I successfully got bi-directional communication to a pool object (sequence) working with directly addressing to the "FaderMaster" of the pool object (in my case sequ 7 - I don't want to reference sequences by number tho cuz' numbers in the sequ pool aren't really that static of an value. Move your sequence in the pool and you are screwed and have to reconfigure your OSC Software. That's not a great workflow, right?

    That's why I am asking now:

    • Is there a way to bi-directionally talk to the executor layer directly? (sending to execs seems to work with "/Page1/Fader201" but not receiving)
    • Is there a way to always reference the "Fader201" on the current page?
    • Is there a way to reference pool objects by name instead of number, when talking to them via OSC?

    Hope you could unterstand my sloppy explaination

    Thank you for your help

    Kind regards


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