• Hi All,

    What is the intended workflow for the selected sequence? Is it meant to be possible to have multiple sequences selected at once? I find the process of unselecting the previous sequence very slow. I’m running MA3 Version


  • You can select more then one sequence at a time:

    Select Seq 1 + 2

    Go+ both Go

    The first one in the selection list is the one that seems active:

    Select Seq 1 + 2

    Store Cue 99 Cue is stored into Seq 1

    Select Seq 2 + 1

    Store Cue 99 Cue is stored into Seq 2

    To Unselect the previous selection just make a new selection

    Select Seq 1 thru 99

    Select Seq 5 only 5 is selected.

    Not sure if that is what you are meaning though.

  • Selecting Sequence 1 thru does not unselect sequences, in addition to this it will create sequences if there is no sequence stored there already.

    This is the issue I have encountered...

    I feel this is very suboptimal.

  • Select is not a toggle. something needs to be selected.

    So in this example:

    Select Seq 1 thru 99 Selects Sequences 1 thru 99

    Select Seq 5 only 5 is selected.

    I mean to say first 1 thru 99 (assuming you want to select 99 sequences) would be selected then simply selecting 5 unselects everything else.

    If you need to have a non-selected state, perhaps you could select a empty locked sequence, that would stop you from storing into it.

    Else I'm not sure why you would or could select nothing.

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