Phasers Not running sync

  • New problem i discovered,

    Same phaser doesn't seem to follow beat of the speed master.

    So here how its setup,

    Got 2 Cue list with recipe presets running dim phasers.

    First cue is always full the second cue is odd/even phaser.

    So both cue list run odd/even phaser Which is Universal phaser. my spots and my wash are running the same phaser. The cue list linked to same Speed1 master. Both Cue list are div 2.

    So you would aspect that the spots and wash would act the same but the don't. And yes both spot and wash are robes there are led don't have different fade times i checked.

    Both led fixture run at different speeds. So whats happening in the software that this is happening????

    Because when i select both groups in the selection grid and tap the odd/even phaser they do run at the actual speed.

    But when they are in seperated cuelist and running the same phaser via speed master they differ in speed from each other.

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