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  • Hey Peers,

    I would like to use the ma_shell_launcher with my onPC-setup and run it when windows starts up (autostart).

    I successfully installed the ma_shell_launcher_service but I don't get the launcher running.

    Any advice?

    (using windows 10 with admin rights, and onPC 1.5.2)

  • The Shell Launcher hides the Windows surface and look like this. It starts up your latest version of MA3 if you don't cancel it.

    Besides the scrollbars I love that you do have shortcuts to all important Windows features and that it gathers all grandMA onPC versions you have installed (grandMA2 ones as well).

    Finally I figured out how to make it work.

    Here's a short how to. Please use at your own risk and make a backup/create a windows restore point in advance.


    Last version it started up correctly was grandMA3 onPC 1.4. So you need it installed.

    Additionally I installed the MA Shell Launcher Service.

    To do so, open up the Windows PowerShell as admin.

    navigate to the NET-framework (version number depending on your installation, Windows PowerShell supports drag and drop)

    cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319

    and to install the service type in (Path depending on your installation):

    .\installutil "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.4.2\bin\ma_shell_launcher_service.exe"

    to uninstall

    .\installutil /u "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.4.2\bin\ma_shell_launcher_service.exe"

  • Hello,
    in 1.9.2 the Shell Launcher has a new UI.

    But is this behavior normal that this thing is launched in Window Mode? Not Fullscreen?
    I really like to have a fullscreen mode and hide the Windows Explorer....

    I have installed the Service and put the exe in the Startup.


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