Load and Goto does not seem to work properly for Mirrored Sequences

  • If I have a sequence and one or more sequences that mirror that sequence, the Load and Goto commands are always being applied to the referenced sequence when the cue is chosen from the Pop-up menu.

    Example 1

    Lets say I have two sequences, sequence 10 and 11. Sequence 11 mirrors sequence 10.

    I issue the command "Load Sequence 11" and choose Cue 4 from the Pop-up menu.

    Now sequence 10 has cue 4 loaded and not sequence 11.

    Example 2

    I have the two sequences from Example 1.

    I issue the command "Load Sequence 11 Cue 4".

    Now sequence 11 has cue 4 loaded.

    The two examples apply to Goto as well.

    I would expect both examples to behave like example 2. Am I missing something? Or is this perhaps a bug?

    I am running grandMA3 OnPC v1.5.2.3 on MacOS Big Sur.

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