Agenda not triggering the command everyday as asked ( Macro )

  • Anyone had issue with the agenda ?

    Looks like it only works 1 day out of two, or out or three.. then it works again.. I can also see events ready for every day on the Calendar.

    I went trough the setup 3 times, and I have pretty sure at 100% everything is good.

    I tested the settings a few times by entering a, few minutes from now time, and everything worked like a charm.

    Any idea?

    Bug ?

  • Cool let me know.

    I also have a quick question concerning that System Monitor. What is that time-stamp based on? Command Line won't show any, and the system monitor won't show same time as the clock..

  • I'm on Day 3 and it seems to have triggered correctly so far.


    This console isn't doing anything at the moment (in and out of patch every so often, testing plugins), so I can't be 100% sure but so far it seems ok. I'll leave it for a few more days to be sure.


    Actually I think I spoke too soon.

    I just realized somehow the Date and Timezone changed, on the Console. I think when I connected my onPC to test something else.

    At any it things it's the 18th now, (it's actually the 19th) so it's missed the 17th and 18th which should have just happened 30 mins ago.

    I'll leave it for another 24 hrs to see if it catches back up.

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  • well I had that question when setting up the agenda. Is it using the Timezone time or the clock ?

    Because, actually I had problems with timezome time, which was not keeping the same time.

    That could be the problem. I will go back to the venue tomorrow and check it out as well.

    Let me know !


  • As far as I can tell whatever time you set in the Date and Time Dialog (regardless of timezone), becomes the System Time; This is the time the Agenda will trigger on.

    In the Clock Window the Time Zone Clock is just a way of viewing the system time from another time zone (again taking account of the System TimeZone). So if both the Time Zone Clock and the Date and Time > Location > Time Zone are the same then the both clocks should show the same time.

    Where this can get confusing is when you look at save show times or the result of the LUA, they both use UTC based on the Timezone you enter in the Date and Time Dialog.

    So if the Time/Date of your saved shows or backups are important you could technically set the timezone as UTC and pretend your in Greenwich (I know GMT != UTC but you get the point). This keeps both the system time and UTC the same.

    Though Backups still seem to be behind in time

  • Something is definitely strange with the Agenda.

    Since we last met on the 20th I had added a second daily agenda item and the desk is skipping days.

    This desk has been sitting here since the 14th. Every once in a while I'll connect my onPC or patch and test something but for the most part it's just sitting there.

    It does deem to randomly skip days, specifically between the 21st and 25th when I had not touched the desk and it should have run two items per day.

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