OnPC Crahes on Startup in VM

  • Hey there,

    I am trying to run the OnPC Software in Version on a Windows 10 virtual machine.

    Every time I try to start the application, it crashes with the message "grandMA3 Exception". I can not find anything in the crashlogs.

    Is this a known limitation? The software should be able to run inside a VM just fine...

    Thanks for your help!

  • I am having the same issue. I tried to add a GPU to the VM. It only works when logging into the VM via external Monitor and then starting the Software.

    I do not know where to find the Logfile

  • I use a Windows 10 Laptop with a Ryzen 7 5850U CPU with build in graphics running VM Ware Workstation version 15. The integrated GPU is the RX Vega 8, which definitely supports OpenGL.

    I don't know, if the emulated GPU supports OpenGL.. I am going to contact VMWare, maybe they can help me.

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