• Hello,
    I recently bought a ArtNet to DMX box from a company called freestyler and was planning on using it to run the free universe on dot2 onpc,
    But strangley when for example if i have a 4ch LED can patched, i can turn it on change colour etc, but if i do anything that constantly changes the dmx values like the Rainbow RGB colour effect it will freeze on a colour after a bit, then if i bring the dimmer down it will recognise this and black out, when running a 2 colour soft it will freeze on a percentage for about a second then continue doing its thing. I tried using another piece of lighting software to see what happened and it ran perfectly smooth (but dot2 is what i want to run) so does anyone have any thoughts or anything to solve this problem? Im going to try another artnet box when i can to see if thats the problem maybe,
    This was tested on and i5 laptop with windows 7 in a domain based administrator account

  • Hi Sustantivo,
    I haven´t heard about dot2 issues like this so far.
    Also the customers responses with the free universe and artnet devices are positive.
    What is always worth to check is the DMX view in the console.
    The DMX view gets it´s values directly from the DMX Drivers inside the console and should tell you very exact and very actual
    what values go out at the moment - so if you see the right values in this view and a diffrence in your artnet Output, you know the direction to search for a solution.
    Please also keep the Network cable length in mind -a CAT5E cable (flexible, like a patch cable) should not be longer than 70 -75 meters...


  • A good tool to find Artnet/Network problems is a software called The Artnetominator
    It is reading the Artnet signal coming out of the dot2 software and displays it.
    Connect the artnet node to your PC and run an effect. Open the Artnetominator software and select the correct network adapter usually configured with a 2.x.x.x IP address.
    Compare the Artnet signal with the dot2 DMX view. If both software showing the same output than the node might have a problem.

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