Input Priority for Art-Net seems to be not working at all in onPC

  • Hi guys,

    I am using either my "old" DOT2 or "SoundSwitch" to reuse some programmings I have already programmed and not yet ported for grandma3.

    After updating to I found out, that my moving heads are not moving correctly anymore. A deep analysis has shown, that whatever I configure, grandma3 only accepts values above 50% for PAN and Tilt. The same for some default RGB values. It's because on an reset programmer the standard postion is at center which is 50% for my fixtures.

    As a workaround I have written apreset and a Macro to set all affected DMX parameters of affected fixtures to zero, before I start my show form DOT2 or Soundswitch.

    I have tried out all combinations of Input Priorities, but without any success.

    I have also tried out all combination in the DMX-Universe merge settings. But it got even worse and I had no Art-Net input at all.

    Does anybody has an idea here?

    Best Regards


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