Node on pc - case Green on Screen flashng

  • Hello,

    I have a Grandma node on pc with two output.

    I have linked the node with the software on my computer.

    On the screen of the node, the label "out" of the second screen is flashing every 4 seconds (dark green to bright green).

    The first label corresponding of the universe 1 is always bright green.

    here is a short video :

    If i change the universe from 2 to 1 on the second ouput, it's turn bright green without flash.

    If i change the universe from 2 to 3 on the second ouput, it's flashing.

    I have search of the meaning of the dark/bright green label but i found nothing. Did someone know the meaning ?

    And Is it normal ? Or do i have a problem (software ou hardware) ?



  • i think i have juste find somethng : The flashing or bright label is link with the DMX value output...

    I can make the first univers also flashing with playing with my sequence.

    But I don't have yet the real meaning...

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  • Solid bright green = dmx values are being output and are changing

    Blinking green = dmx values are being output but not changing

    So e.g. if you have a phaser running for something on universe 2, then universe 2 will be solid bright green because the values are continuously changing. Whereas if you have a static look on universe 1, it will blink because the outputted values aren't changing.

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