• Hello Forum,

    since 1.5 Midi IN on the onPC is working, thats great. Is also Midi out working? For example if i move a fadermaster, can i send this movement values to a midi output channel?

    Work this with the MA3 consoles who have an hardware midi out? When not, is this planned for the future?

  • Hello Gunter,

    Midi out is not working so far.

    Whether it will ever be possible to send fader values as midi notes is questionable. But you can send fader values via OSC. That should already work.

  • I have one GrandMA light 3, and I need to send one MIDI note for the sound console.

    How I can do it?

    (I need to sync one flash button with a specific sound)

    Thank you


  • my case at the point when I change pages and the worth on MA is at half and the fader on the midi control center is at 0% when I move the fader on the midi control center it bounces down to 2% as opposed to holding up till I pass half and afterward change esteem. Likewise, on the off chance that I have mechanized faders on the midi control center would this attempt to change the fader on the midi control center to go up or down when I change pages?