• Hello Forum,

    since 1.5 Midi IN on the onPC is working, thats great. Is also Midi out working? For example if i move a fadermaster, can i send this movement values to a midi output channel?

    Work this with the MA3 consoles who have an hardware midi out? When not, is this planned for the future?

  • I have one GrandMA light 3, and I need to send one MIDI note for the sound console.

    How I can do it?

    (I need to sync one flash button with a specific sound)

    Thank you


  • my case at the point when I change pages and the worth on MA is at half and the fader on the midi control center is at 0% when I move the fader on the midi control center it bounces down to 2% as opposed to holding up till I pass half and afterward change esteem. Likewise, on the off chance that I have mechanized faders on the midi control center would this attempt to change the fader on the midi control center to go up or down when I change pages?

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