Playback bug effecting output on updating to latest minor version

  • Hi I recently updated to the latest onpc build from the previous minor version.
    When I opened my show file, my fixtures in the visualiser continue running the phaser they were last running when the show was saved in before upgrading onpc. This was, running in the programmer when it was saved in the previous version.

    The following does not release or stomp the phaser..

    off page 1 thru
    off seq 1 thru
    off exec thru
    off dmx thru

    The off menu shows no playbacks are running.
    The 2 seq i have in this file also display as not being active
    I have no playbacks stored.
    Highlight does interrupt the phaser output
    positions can be called and can be cleared.
    I am in session with a vis-key and a supported visualizer
    There are no default presets assigned to any fixtures
    The show file is basically a clean file with some views and an imported mvr stage
    calling fixture thru, then toggling encoder page 4 thru 8 on, then releasing and stomping does not stop the running phaser.

    Any suggestions?

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