Hazer in Grandma3

  • Hello Forum,

    I have build a GDTF File for my Hazer HZ-200. He have two DMX Channels for fog and a fan. If i select the hazer in the fixture sheet, i can not reach the fog attribute in the encoderbar (Control) only Fan1 is shown.

    Is there an example how to handle fog / hazer machines in grandma3?

    It is confusing, that all the useless attributes like dimmer, position, gobo,... in the encoderbar are visible when i have selected the hazer.

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  • Certainly!

    1. Clear your programmer
    2. Select your hazer
    3. Set the Haze attribute to 100%
    4. Store to a fader (or knob) executor
    5. Set the Blower attribute to 100%
    6. Store it to a separate fader (or knob) executor
    7. Press [Assign] and tap the first executor
    8. In the {Handle} tab, change the fader (or encoder) function to 'Temp'
    9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other executor
  • How do you get rid of the PosMSpeed, Color Mic MSpeed and Fixture Global Reset?

    No matter what fixture i select, these 3 attributes are there

    Unfortunately, the options are displayed for all of the devices added in the patch

    It would be nice - if only those controls that are available only in the selected fixture were displayed, and the rest were hidden

  • Hello Ryan,

    yes,this is helpful. But anyway i have to click several times from "Control 1 of 4" to "Control 3 of 4" to see the desired attribute.

    In my theater like shows there are diferent fans, blowers, motors. Therefore many different control attributes.

    I can handle that. No problem.


  • you might get a better workflow by splitting the Feature "Control" into multiple Features

    e.g. (Save show with new name first, in case you're not happy with the result)

    Enter Menu>Patch>AttributeDefinitions

    Select the tab "FeatureGroups"

    Locate the featuregroup "Control", then its child, the feature "Control"

    Press the button "Insert New Feature" and label the new feature e.g. "Hazer"

    Select the tab "AttributeDefinitions"

    Locate the attributes of your hazer, e.g. Fog1 and Fan1

    Edit the feature column and change from 'Control'.'Control' to 'Control'.'Hazer'

    Exit and Save Patch

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