• Hi,

    Is there any update in the support status of viz-key compatible visualizers?

    Many L8 users want to add L8 in support list.


  • Hi all,

    Until this afternoon, I was using the MA 3 Viz-Key to do a pre-visualization program.

    Sometimes on the same PC, sometimes on a different PC.

    Viz-Key + L8 that can no longer be connected will be displayed as "Licence Invalid" on Network setting in MA 3.

    What is worrisome is that the version of Viz-Key and onPC is V1.6.3.7, but the version of L8 + Viz is still V1.6.3.5.

    However, I was able to connect in until the afternoon ...

    Next week, we will have a private exhibition, where we will be exhibiting Viz-Key and L8.

    I hope it can be resolved by then.


  • Hi all,

    When I used gMA onPC, L8 with Viz-Key, and OBS Studio on a desktop PC, the DMX input values were frequently disturbed.

    It seems that the multicast packet used by OBS Studio and MA-Net 3 are colliding.

    What do you think?

    Other similar problems are heard from others.

    So I think there are other applications that are incompatible.

    Is there a way to protect DMX packets?


  • Sometime, I broadcasting L8 and MA 3 on PC operations on YouTube, so it would be very helpful if the three applications work together.


  • Hi,

    Certain Windows 11 computers cannot connect to external MA 3 systems and MA 3 systems on the same computer.

    The onPC software running on that computer can join the MA 3 network without problems.

    However, there are some Windows 11 machines that have no problems.

    Are there any items that should be checked?

    Best regards,


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