Change effect colors on the fly

  • Hi,

    I was thinking how to create a multi color picker to change the colors of phasers.

    Lets assume there is a cue with a phaser running two colors: X and Y.

    The end result should be that in a layout view these two colors can be changed.

    I have looked into the MA_StartShow but it seem to work with only one base color.

    For a possible solution, let's say the phaser uses the color presets X and Y.

    Would it be possible to overwrite these preset with a new color that also includes a fade into new color?

    Maybe this can be done using recipes together with some macros?

    It would be really great for a busking showfile, please share if you have any thoughts on this.


  • In GMA2 i had a setup like you described, it worked thru a set of macros which replaces the presets used in effects. I assigned aprox 200 macros in a layout, divided over two lines which formed a rainbow. When tapping on a color the preset was replaced by the new color.

    With some help of variables it was also possible to change multiple effects.

    i can imagine that if you use two presets just for the phaser and just replace them thru macros that that will work perfectly.

    copy preset 4.x at preset 4.y/overwrite should do the job

    Kind regards,

    Mark van der Meulen

  • Thanks, I am able to change the color by a macro to using the copy preset 4.x at preset 4.y/overwrite command.

    The only thing is that it instantly changes, is there a possiblity of adding a fade effect to the new color?

  • what you are looking for is potentially done via program time when stepping out and back into the programmer, or by using presets with time data only and merging them. depends on your setup and if you are using the programmer or not.

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  • In my scenario I am not using the programmer, just a single cue with a two color phaser.

    I have tried adding a fade effect using the: executor time, fade layer, fade in recipe's it all did not had any effect.

    I think the problem is that the macro just replaces a preset, the same cue is still playing.

    What I want to achieve is a color picker without having to create cues for every color combinations but it seems to be impossible.

  • When I add fade time to the cue, the fade only activates when the cue starts.

    While the cue is playing then when replacing the preset it is still an instant change.

    What I am looking for is a fade when replacing the preset while the cue is playing.

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