• Hello.

    I have been struggling a lot around the fact that sometimes you miss that at encoder are active or not active.

    Why? I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to see the indicator sometimes.

    In ma2 system this was never a problem. I have done a comparison to show what I mean.

    Referring to the attached picture.

    My request is to change the red indicator to: A double hight pixel-size, and B Light red as in Ma2 was before.

    Please see example.

    I am a ONPC user. This means that I am very often stuck to one display (guessing that the encoder display are smaller compared to a light or full size). I have not used a full-size desk yet so I do not know if there is a similar feeling to those desks.

    Any thoughts around this subject?

    Is there any other users who feels the same way?

    Thanks in advance. /Q

    [Ma3 to the left and MA2 to the right ]

  • I agree, in places the contrast could be a lot better.

    I was going to suggest the Manu > Desk Lights Color Theme > Edit Menu but 1) it's complicated and 2) it doesn't seem to have control of all aspects of the UI.

    First things first. IF you are going to mess around with Themes know how to get back to the default for when you screw it up and you can't read something.

    On a Desk you can hold down MA + MA + Please; onPC you can flick both MA buttons in the command section so they are held down and press please. or just do one at a time and undo on the command line when needed. You can also load the default from the menu.

    As for editing the color theme. Two two things to know, 1, the left hand side of the window are color Definitions (like presets), They are referenced on the right hand side of the window. 2, if you edit a UI Color (on the right side) that has a reference you are actually editing the Color definition and all elements attached to that definition. To "fix" that delete the ColorDefRef before editing the color if you only want to change a single element.

    All that being said. I quickly went through all the color UI items and found you can't change the Background of the feature groups, they seems to be hardcoded or the UI did not update when I changed the color.

    Here are a small number of the UI Colors I found.

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