Unicast ArtNet Not If console boots with the interface down.

  • We have seen something similar before but I just had to move my desk and figured out that if the Art-Net Interface is down when the console starts up and is plugged in any time after the Art-Net does not recover until you toggle the Output.

    For example.

    • Configure an Art-Net line (tested with Unicast or Broadcast. and Enable Art-Net so it works. Tested on Interface 2 but I figure it's the same on other interfaces.
    • Unplug the Art-Net Interface Ethernet Cable
    • Reboot the console
    • Enter the Art-Net Dialog and the Lines are not flashing green.
    • To test, Toggle Off and Back on Enable Output, Art-Net still not working.
    • Plugin the Art-Net Interface Cable
    • Art-Net Lines still don't flash green and no Art-Net is transmitted.
    • Toggle Off and Back on Enable Output and the Art-Net starts working again.

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